Barrett’s COVID-19 Statement

Our focus at Barrett’s is always on providing comfort and care to our families who have lost loved ones.


During these exceptional times we need to find ways for our families to grieve and start the healing process, while at the same time provide a safe and secure environment for them to do so.


In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic Barrett’s has implemented the following practices and procedures to date:


* Implemented a regular disinfecting of our public areas beyond our regular cleaning.

* Posted signage throughout our facilities to avoid hand shaking and close personal contact.

* Posted signage advising of proper handwashing.


Due to the Public Health Emergency declared by the Government of NL (March 18, 2020) and following the updates issued (August 10, 2021) 

* Due to the large number of vistors we receive at our funeral homes, wearing a non-medical mask is still required at both of our facilities.

* Funeral services in our chapels are permitted with a maximum of 60 attendees or churches are permitted with a maximum of 500 attendees including officiant if social distancing can be maintained. Visitations are permitted with a maximum of 25 people in a visitation room.

* We are asking visitors experiencing flu-like symptoms to avoid visiting the funeral home.

* Our lounges remain closed as food sharing is not permitted, and are advising families not to bring food or beverages to the funeral home.


We will continue to monitor the situation and will update our policies as the need arises, keeping our family's needs and public safety in mind.


Thank you for your understanding,

Robert Barrett

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