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Funeral Video Streaming


With the continuing effects of Covid-19 reaching across the world, preserving the memories of loved ones has become all the more difficult. When a family experienced a loss, it used to be an opportunity for everyone to come together and share those memories with one another while commemorating the life that ended. Funeral services are still being held, but due to the current climate, family members living abroad will be unable to safely join those closest to them in mourning.


Barrett’s Funeral Home has partnered with Forget Me Not Ceremonies and is providing families with an option to stay together distantly by hosting funerals and celebrations of life online that can be attended by anyone, no matter the distance.


Before and during the ceremony, your guests will be encouraged to easily upload photos, sign a digital guest book, share a story and chat with others reflecting on the person for whom you shared affection.  The memorial service and all the pictures, memories, and stories will be available for you to cherish for as long as you choose. The guests who were present at the physical funeral service will also have 72 hours to log on and contribute to the photobook, guestbook, stories etc.  By including everyone near and far.




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